The 02-23-2013 Day of Resistance in Burleson County, a day to remember!

We had a fantastic turnout and we wish to thank everyone who came out and made the Day of Resistance … [Read More...]

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What is the point of having a Day of Resistance Rally?

Why are we doing this? Maybe this will clarify a few things. If anyone needs more information as to why? Visit BurlesonCountyDayofResistance.com Be sure to spread the word, tell your friends and family, and if not in Burleson County, Texas, there is probably a rally near you, go to DayofResistance.com     Fellow Patriot, Last night President Obama delivered his State Of The Union Address, and one thing is abundantly clear — … [Read More...]

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The second amendment

Senators Who Think the UN Should Control American Guns

This is an email that just came in today, I thought I would share it. Dear Patriot, This past Saturday, America dodged a bullet when the Senate failed to ratify the United Nations Arms Treaty for the third time. The United Nations Arms Trade … [Read More...]

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The 2-23 rally is over, now what? Video from the rally.

We really had a great turnout and terrific group of speakers at the Day of Resistance Rally last Saturday, thank you all for everything! Now that Saturday is behind us, what is next? At this time, all I can tell you is that the Resistance … [Read More...]

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